Siargao Island Activities

siargao island surfing

Siargao Island Surfing


Siargao Island is the number one destination of surfing in the Philippines. With his long coastline, its world class waves at cloud 9 where an international surf competition take place every year in September and by facing directly the Pacific Ocean, Siargao Island is definitively a paradise for surfer from beginner to pro level.


You can enjoy surfing in more than 20 different surf spots around the area, most of them accessible by boat and the cemetery and pisangan is just nearby our resort. We can arrange any surf lesson, trip or surf camp through our local networking for you.

Scuba Diving Siargao

Scuba Diving and Freediving


The Islands of Siargao offer a variety of different dive sites to discover and enjoy. From Cathedral, Caves to amazing Rock formations, Corals and fish’s species an underwater world is still to be explored with incredible crystal clear water, so the visibility often reach more than 20-30 m. You can dive year round, the best months to dive in the area are April to September.
Sandy the owner of Kokai resort is a dive passionate and experienced Padi Dive Instructor. He will help you via Palaka dive center to organize your diving adventures in Siargao Island. Palaka offer Padi courses from discover scuba diving to professional level and specialties. There are more than 15 different dives sites to discover for certified divers in shallow or deep water depend on your experience. Let’s make some bubbles!
Teaching are done in French, German, English, and Spanish.
For the non-divers you can enjoy snorkeling in many place around the island or enroll in the different day trip excursions to other islands like Daku, Guyam, Mamon…
Since, September 2014 Palaka dive center is also offering AIDA International Freediving courses in collaboration with Freediving Planet whit highly trained instructor.

siargao island kitesurfing

Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding


We have the privilege to be located 50m away from the beautiful lagoon in General Luna and best place where most kite surfers are enjoying this excited and unique activity. There is a sandy, shallow sea bed all the way out to the coral reef at several hundred meters from the shore, which give you all the excitement needed from beginner to experienced level. We have few friends developing this activities on Siargao, so you can take lesson, develop your skills, rent equipment. For the more adventures one, a trip to unspoiled island by boat short distance away can be organize for a unique journey.


Best months to kite in the area are November to March

siargao island stand-up paddle boarding



Discover Siargao and is beauty from a different angle by exploring it via SUP. Try this great way of exercising while enjoying the beautiful view over the ocean cruising on the lagoon of General Luna, by riding the surf break in cloud 9 and in the area or by discovering the hidden mangroves of the municipality of Del Carmen with lots of fun and adventures. You can SUP from General Luna lagoon to the closes Island, Guyam. Enjoy sunrise and sunset with stand-up paddle board and chill in the long white sand stretch lagoon.

Siargao Island motorbike

Exploring Siargao Island


Siargao Island is truly paradise for nature lovers, with many wild roads, jungle, small fishing villages, wild beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mangroves and hills. Exploring the island needs transportation so you can either rent a motorbike a mountain bike or a buggy to discover all the different wonders of the island, meet the locals with excitement and adventures.

Siargao Island Fishing

Pacific Ocean Fishing


Siargao Island is famous for sport fishing and one of the few places in the country with organized deep-sea fishing. Catch yellow fin tuna, sword fish, Dorado (mahi-mahi), Spanish mackerel, jack and giant trivially, times to times blue marlin and much more. Enjoy professional fishing on a Trimaran fishing boat going to the deep sea or fish like the locals on a small banka boat around the Islands of Siargao.

Siargao Island - Island Hopping

Full or half day trip can be organize to different Islands in Siargao. The 3 island packages cost 1500php up to 5pax.

siargao island mini islands

Guyam Island- A tiny paradise, surrounded by crystal clear water having the never ending Pacific ocean on one side and the main island of Siargao on the other. Ideal place to relax as is not unusual to have this island all to yourself. Perfect place for couples or to have a bit of taste of Robinson Crusoe s life. It just take few minutes by local boat from General Luna.


Daku Island- This larger island surrounded by crystal clear water have a beautiful white sand beach to chill out all day with friends. Ideal place for having a picnic or BBQ and some refreshing drinks. Enjoy time there playing Frisbee, volleyball, do some snorkeling or bring your surf as they are also good surf spots around the island. There is also a small village on the island, if you want meet the locals and have a unique experience. It takes about 15 minutes by local boat from General Luna


Naked Island- The name say it all here on this beautiful small island you would find nothing else than a big white sandy bar emerging the sea without shadows, trees or vegetation. A beautiful place to visit where you can swim, snorkel and taking unique pictures. It takes about 15 minutes by local boat from General Luna

Trip Destinations

Sohoton Lagoon and Caves

Sohoton lagoon and caves it is the number one day trip destination. Accessible only on lower tides, the pristine sanctuary offer some unique experience like swimming with non-stinging jelly fish, a unique thrilling experience believe it. You can also do some caving, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and walking tours.  It takes about a two-hour boat ride from General Luna to go there.


Magpupungko Rock Pools

This place got some awesome rocks formations sticking up from the clear water.When its low tide it forms a natural pool surrounded by those rocks with an amazing view of the ocean. It is a good place to swim in crystalline water, chill out and look at the horizon.It will takes you about 45 min ride by motorbike or car to go there.


Caob Lagoon

Caob lagoon is located at the municipality of Del Carmen, about 10km past the airport. It’s a hidden lagoon inside a small island, only reachable with boat, and best during high tide. Inside the lagoon there is a huge built Filipino rest house called Cobo. Anyone can use it, for a small fee. It s a perfect place to hang out for a day, cook some food, have a swim,snorkel or just chill out.


Mamon Island

Mamon Island is easily one of the favorite island near Siargao. Perfect gateway for the more adventurous minded people and the one how want to find them own paradise.The beauty of the place is just breathtaking and the beach is consider one of the best in the country. Home to some very nice shallow corals reef, is also a perfect place to enjoy great snorkeling. You have to travel for over 1 hour by local boat from General Luna or 20 min by speed boat to reach this stunning island.

siargao island destinations